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We Are Perfect Solution For Legal Funding

LFIN was set to change the standard lawsuit loan experience. We do it by focusing on providing top-notch support, quick turnaround and low prices.

We provide litigation loans to plaintiffs in need. Contrary to conventional loans, litigation loans include no strings without paying limitations. We advise our customers to simply take what they want for medical or living expenses.

We’ll meet or beat any rate you’re provided (call for terms). Additionally, we’re delighted to provide another opinion on any financing provide you’ve got.

Plaintiffs frequently need funding because battling to get a settlement may take some time. If you’re hurt and from work, lawsuit financing can be a life-saver.

Our History

Since 2015, LFIN has stayed for supplying funds to harm victims that are awaiting the settlement of a lawsuit with simple and affordable pre-settlement money advances. We’ve got the expertise and tools to swiftly get you the funds you want to ease your financial burdens if you want it most.

If you require financial aid during your own personal injury case, please complete the form to get started at no cost. When you’re accepted, you can anticipate your cash within 24 to 48 hours. We Provide pre-settlement financing in Florida, New Jersey, Chicago, New York, and nationally.

How we give better, quicker, & less expensive pre-settlement funding

Our Mission

There is no concealing it: the insecure nature of pre settlement financing makes it a costly instrument relative to other kinds of funding. Alas, a number of businesses benefit from the fact to be able to warrant charging excessively-high levels to injured plaintiffs.

A number of our competitors charge the exact same high rate for many types instances –regardless of how weak or powerful a situation may be. In LFIN, your delegated rate of interest is directly connected with the risk profile of each case. The more powerful your situation, the lower your speed! Because why if you pay exactly the exact same speed as a person if your situation is more powerful?

We just fund personal injury claims with severe injuries and very clear liability. Our strict policy of only funding grade instances gives us the flexibility to control low prices. Basically, our trick to having low prices comes down to one reason: conservative underwriting.

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What's Our Client Say

LFIN helped me a lot during tough times raised because I met an accident. The car accident troubled me so much, that I wasn't able to get on my job for 7 months. This eventually forced me to resign from the company. However, I filled a lawsuit against the person who was drunk during the drive. And applied for Lawsuit Loans so that I can have enough funds for the trials.

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Marco Brunt


I approached LFIN for roundup lawsuit loans. In the early phase, I thought I will not get the loan, since I have already been funded by nova legal funding. But LFIN says that they found potential in the litigation I have against the Bayer, hence they offered me a loan for $2,500 for my roundup litigation at the very low-interest rate, even lower than the nova legal funding.

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Jessica Mist


Getting lawsuit financing was pretty tough for me, I filled a workplace harassment lawsuit against the employer. I approached around 5 firms for the loan, but none of them agree to give me any cash advance. But then my friend says that LFIN can fund my case. I approached LFIN, the executive hears all my hardships and agrees to pay me a loan of $2,000, which helped a lot during trials.

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Drake Alba