Assault and Battery Lawsuit Loans

All those cases which include someone intentionally hurting another individual come under assault and battery. These types of cases are extremely shocking and are not an accident. Under the influence of various intoxicants, personality disorders, or perhaps daily life anxiety, people do these things which they should not have done. The legal term for these cases is assault.

An instance of assault and battery can happen in many ways. It usually starts with a debate and ends up in a violent confrontation. Somebody who is under the influence of medication or is drunk could make the situation even worse.

Sometimes, the participation of a third party in a debate leads to assault and intentional injuries. Generally, it occurs in the heat of the circumstance, and innocent people get hurt.

Cases of assault and battery are a criminal offense and can happen to anyone. We take these cases very seriously and provide litigation loans to assist you with the costs during the litigation.

Settlement loans for assault litigations

LFIN approves more types of attack cases than a normal lawsuit funding company. Each situation is assessed individually and approval hinges upon the facts of your case. Getting hurt in an attack is a serious and horrible event. While we can’t undo your injuries, we could help you overcome the financial barriers with assault and battery compensation loans. LFIN provides funding for assault cases of all sorts.

The following list consists of the most frequent kinds of attack cases that we finance:

  • Assault
  • Battery causing serious bodily injury
  • Aggravated battery
  • Domestic battery
  • Domestic assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon (ADW)
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual assault

How much is my assault and battery case worth?

While injuries play a big role in determining how much your case could settle, it’s normally the liability that plays the largest role. Who was at fault? Was it some random man causing havoc and the building you’re in supplied no safety? Was the episode at a pub where everyone involved had experienced a few drinks? Did the plaintiff collaborate with the police investigation? Are there any witnesses?

Proving that you’re innocent is extremely important. The defendant will have hired a lawyer whose whole job it would be to make it seem as if you were responsible for your own injuries. You may help yourself by attempting to get witnesses to stay around for the police to tell them exactly what they saw.

Cases with proven liability and very good damages can settle for anywhere from $5,000 up to six-figure amounts. The previous piece are the insurance — the defendant has to be able to spend money on the case. (this can be from their homeowner’s insurance when it occurred in a house, or from a business policy if the attack happened at a small business.)

Benefits of applying for a settlement advance with LFIN

Lawsuits are stressful — especially those that stem from catastrophic events such as violent attacks. The final thing you need is just other things to worry about are far more software and red tape to get the cash that you deserve. That is precisely why we make applying for litigation funding as easy and hassle-free as you can. Applying takes no more than two minutes of conversation over the telephone. Simply provide us with your name, and the name and contact information of your lawyer — that is it! You can expect the following advantages when applying for handling LFIN:

  • Didn’t win your assault & battery litigation? You owe us nothing — keep the cash advance at no cost!
  • 100% risk-free lawsuit funding: free consultation, free application, zero hidden charges
  • Pay nothing until your litigation is settled
  • Superior customer service: representatives are available to serve you nationwide
  • Up to $1,00,000 in capital that are available to you
  • Lowest prices in the business
  • Cash within a day
  • Hassle-free process: no run-around, no paperwork, no hassle

You don’t need to wait for your case to settle. Get money today by applying for litigation funding at LFIN and receive a cash advance on your litigation within 24 hours of approval.