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Lawsuit Funding For Breach Of Contract Cases

Are you involved in a breach of contract lawsuit and are considering legal funding? If so LFIN is your solution. We specialize in pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding for breach of contract lawsuits. We understand that waiting for long court processes can be frustrating and lengthy costing you thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands.

LFIN is a lawsuit funding company that works with plaintiffs and attorneys that are searching for lawsuit financing for breach of contract lawsuits or breach of contract settlements. If your case has been appealed and you need legal financing, LFIN can assist you with appellate lawsuit funding.

Why take Lawsuit Loans For Breach Of Contract?

When two parties agree on something they have an agreement which is termed as a contract. It is created with the intention to have a legal obligation of both parties. Most of the time contracts are builds on an element in writing, whereas sometimes it can be made orally also.

If any of the party breaks the term or contract, or as it is said “breach of contract”. Then remedy in form of damages or compensation is needed to be paid by the offender party. The remedy for breach of contract can be “damages” or compensation of money.

A contract is usually written but also can be verbal or implied depending on the needs of both parties. There are 3 different and essential components needed for a breach of contract to be considered:

  • A contract whether written, spoken or intentionally implied
  • The defendant’s breach of the contract in any form
  • The damages are done to the plaintiff due to the other parties not fulfilling their end of the bargain/contract

Breach Of Contract Lawsuits

In a breach of contract, specific legal procedures must be fulfilled as in any other lawsuit. Some cases can be similar but not all cases are identical. The legal steps that are needed can be complicated, confusing, and lastly extensively costly. The following steps are standard procedures for commercial litigation and breach of contract lawsuits.

Filing the Complaint with the courts:

A complaint is a document filed to the courts explaining the breach of the contract. Once you have filed a complaint about the breach of contract it is then authorized by the courts.

Service of Complaint for the defendant:

After the complaint has been submitted a summons is the next legal step that occurs and is given to the defendant or defendants in the case at hand.

Response to Complaint from the defendant:

The defendant or defendants are legally required within 30 days that the summons is served to appear at the court’s request. At that time the defendant appears before the judge and may challenge the complaint against them.

Court Hearing of Challenges:

If the defendant/defendants wish to motion to strike. This motion is heard by the judge and ruled upon based on the evidence presented prior to the courts allowing the case to proceed.


Is the acquiring of information about either the plaintiff or defendant through research on either party’s behalf. Some of the things the discovery might include a range of questions that the opposing side of the legal matter needs.

The Admissions of Facts:

This is can be a list of facts with evidence to back up the facts presented and is for both the plaintiff and defendant. Both the plaintiff and defendant will be asked whether or not they admit or deny these facts that are in the admission.

The Request for Production:

This can be used to subpoena important documents and other paperwork that you feel will assist your case in your favor.


This is a truthful statement and sworn testimony (that is punishable by law if a person is found to be untruthful) taken from the other party and/or any witnesses and is usually recorded for court purposes.

Trial Setting:

A judge will review both sides of the case at hand then determines if the case is adequate for trial. If the courts feel the case is prepared on both sides with the proper paperwork for a trial, a date will be made.

Settlement Negotiations:

Before the court date occurs in some cases the judge may require both the plaintiff and defendant to try to negotiate the issues to work out their differences so that the matter can be settled out of court. Settlement negotiations can take place at anytime prior to the trial date so the matter does not have to go to court if both parties can come to an agreement.


A large number of cases settle to an agreement during the settlement negotiations but if both parties are still in disagreement then the case does need to go to trial. A trial is usually a last resort and maybe the only way to resolve the legal matter at hand.

Compensation For Breach Of Contract

The plaintiff that files the lawsuit against the defendant for the breach of contract at hand, is attempting to obtain financial compensation for physical, mental suffering, or financial damages. The duration of time it takes to litigate these breach of contract lawsuits can take long periods of time to take place, therefore plaintiffs explore options for pre-settlement funding or lawsuit financing.

This is where LFIN comes into helping either the plaintiff or the lawyer handling the legal matter by providing a lawsuit loan for litigation expenses.

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