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Lawsuit Funding For Copyright Cases

Are you involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit and need legal funding to assist with litigation costs? If so LFIN is your solution. We provide settlement loans and lawsuit financing for copyright infringement lawsuits. LFIN can also assist with your copyright infringement appellate cases. Call us today for a fast lawsuit loan.

Why Take Litigation Funding For Infringement Of Copyright?

Copyright infringement is a growing issue in the US and around the world due to the large number of new companies emerging onto the market along with people attempting to profit and use other people’s work. When a person or company has engaged in using someone else’s work without consent, legal retribution can be applied.

Napster is a great example of a company that had major lawsuits brought against the owner for copyright infringement due to the illegal downloading of unpaid music. If you believe you may be a victim of a copyright infringement crime you have legal rights to enforce via the courts to find financial reparation.

Once the court process begins if you are financially struggling due to money damages because of copyright infringement a commercial lawsuit cash advance is a great option.

If you are thinking about litigation financing for a copyright infringement lawsuit, LFIN is your answer. LFIN can assist you or your attorney with a low-cost lawsuit loan. If you are considering copyright infringement lawsuit funding, please begin by completing our fast and easy online application or by calling us.

Infringement Of Copyright Lawsuit Examples

  • Technology such as computers, video games, electronics, and software that has been copyrighted by the owner/inventor
  • Manufacturing copyrighted material without written consent by the owner of the copyright
  • Copyright infringement of all publications, periodicals, books, newsletters, journals, and articles
  • Illegal downloading of copyrighted material such as music or a video via the internet using file-sharing programs or other similar illegal pirating software
  • Illegal manufacturing (also known as bootlegging) of VCR tapes & DVD’s for a profitable gain
  • The plagiarism of a websites copyrighted material without direct consent from the owner of the copyright
  • The manufacturing and selling of products or an idea that has been previously copyrighted by the owner for a profitable gain
  • Reproducing and selling any type of digital media that has been previously copyrighted by the owner for a profitable gain

Litigation Funding For Copyright Lawsuits

Copyright infringement cases can be extremely time-consuming due to fact that it is not simple to prove beyond a reasonable doubt properly ownership in a court of law. As stated earlier with companies like Napster that lost millions because of lawsuits brought against them, more and more companies attempt to make quick money by stealing other’s work for a profitable gain. When a company or person uses copyrighted items to seek a profit it is the same as stealing from a store.

This crime is punishable by law and should be brought to the court’s attention immediately for the guilty party to face the consequences attached to the established law. Amendments have been made to the 1976 Copyright Act, which states civil & criminal prosecution occurs both with and/or without financial gain.

Almost always the defendants’ defense teams will intentionally delay cases in the hopes that the plaintiff will suffer financially, forcing them to eventually settle for a smaller settlement. LFIN can assist you and your attorney with legal funding to give you the negotiating leverage you may need to maximize your settlement.

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