Financial Malpractice Litigation Loans

Do you have a pending financial malpractice lawsuit and need litigation financing? If so, LFIN is your solution. LFIN assists plaintiffs and attorneys with low-cost litigation funding and fast litigation loans. We can have you approved for litigation financing in as little as 48 hours without the need for personal or business credit.

Best of all, our legal funding services are on a non-recourse base, meaning that if you don’t win or settle your lawsuit we do not collect. Take the first step in obtaining your financial litigation lawsuit loan by contacting LFIN today.

Financial Malpractice Legal Funding

Financial malpractice is an area that has received insufficient attention. Billing errors in medical bills are an example of a major form of financial malpractice. Errors have been estimated to affect 97.2 percent of audited hospital bills. The federal government, the nation’s largest consumer, is estimated to pay $4 billion per year in overcharges or fraudulent Medicare charges billed by medical providers.

This cost is passed on to the taxpayers. The U.S. General Accounting Office estimated that overcharges and other forms of fraud and abuse cost the health care system $70 billion in 1992. No one knows how many consumers are the victims of this financial malpractice each year. Along with deaths and injuries, financial malpractice is a silent epidemic against which action must be taken.

Settlement Funding For Financial Malpractice

When an institution or person commits financial malpractice it greatly affects a lot more than just the victim. People work hard for their money.

People expect companies or investors to use clear judgment when it comes to their assets. Because of financial malpractice millions of people, every year suffer financially which can be difficult for families to recover from. LFIN can help soften the financial blow done by financial malpractice by providing legal funding for your financial malpractice lawsuits.

Whether the financial malpractice lawsuits are filed for negligence, stealing, breach of fiduciary duties, wrongdoing, and securities fraud, LFIN can provide you with the settlement loan you need to maintain financial stability.

Like most cases involving financial malpractice can take years upon years for you and your attorney to reach a settlement. With this in mind, LFIN can greatly improve your financial situation in difficult times by providing litigation loans and commercial lawsuit funding.

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